On 15 September 2017, the RCEME Guild replaced The Corps of RCEME Fund that was established on 1 Jan 2016 in order to gather the entire family within one construct in the place of the previous Branch/Corps Fund, the EME Association (including its Light Aid Detachments), and the RCEME Association (Western Canada).

The Constitution

The Constitution of the RCEME Guild is the governing document of the Guild and contains all of the information concerning its governance, administration, membership, and benefits.



RCEME Guild Constitution By-Law Number 2: Membership

Regular Force Members

To become a member of the RCEME Guild, please complete the membership form online, then send the pay allotment form to The RCEME Corps Adjutant (rcemegemrc.corpsadjt@forces.gc.ca).

Reserve Force / Retiree / Associate Members

To become a member of the RCEME Guild, please complete the membership form online, and email void-cheque or Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) to the RCEME Corps Adjutant (rcemegemrc.corpsadjt@forces.gc.ca).

Membership Status

To inquire about your Guild membership status, benefits, loyalty coins, or to request cancellation, please contact the Corps Adjutant’s Office with your service number, rank, and full name at rcemegemrc.corpsadjt@forces.gc.ca.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (BOD) is responsible to ensure that RCEME Guild activities are in accordance with the strategic direction of the Corps of RCEME and that communication is maintained between the BOD and the members of the Guild by utilizing both the Area Representation and the Corps of RCEME Leadership. The BOD consists of the Director RCEME, the Corps SM, the Commandant of RCEMES, the RSM of RCEMES, and representatives from each Area and each rank group. Representatives serve for two years unless posted. The BOD meets twice a year.

  • Co-Chair: Col A.B. Lapointe
  • Co-Chair (Ret’d): Vacant
  • Administrative Committee Chair: LCol M. Champagne
  • Heritage Committee Chair: Col J.G.Y. Raymond
  • Fund-Raising Committee Chair: Vacant
  • Light Aid Detachment Network Representative (officer): Vacant
  • Light Aid Detachment Network Representative (NCM): WO (Ret’d) B. Thorne
  • 4th Canadian Division Representative: Sgt D. Davis
  • 2nd Canadian Division Representative: MCpl B. Muff
  • 3rd Canadian Division Representative: MWO K. Lewis
  • 5th Canadian Division Representative: Capt A. Kaintura
  • RCAF and RCN Bases Representative: Maj C. Rideout
  • RCEME Reserve Representative: LCol W. Sett
  • Training System Representative: CWO J.R. Peters
  • National Capital Region and Operational Command & Northern Representative: CWO A.G. Auger
  • RCEME Colonel-Commandant: Vacant
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Capt A. Mari

Guild Newsletter

On behalf of our RCEME Guild Board of Directors, we are excited to provide to you our first edition of our RCEME Guild Newsletter. Our newsletter’s purpose will be to provide an annual up to date glance on the various Benefits Enjoyed by our Membership, Upcoming Initiatives and General Guild Information. Our RCEME Guild family is strong and grows each and every day thanks to all of you. Please take the time to read over our “RCEME Guild Newsletter”.


Guild Partnerships and Promotions

Perkopolis Promotion

RCEME Guild has partnered with Perkopolis to bring Guild members exclusive discounts on tickets, electronics, travel and more! Follow the instructions to sign up and enjoy benefits of being a Guild member! If you are not a Guild member yet, sign up on this page. If you are a new member, allows few weeks to update our system before signing up for Perkopolis.


here are the instructions.


Apply for a Bursary

Only members of The Corps of RCEME Guild may apply for a Bursary. Click here to apply.

Apply for a Benevolent Loan or Hardship Grant

The intent of these two benefits is to provide a loan and/or grant to members who are in financial distress and/or who experience personal hardship. The Benevolent Loan, which would normally not exceed $5,000, will be offered interest-free, with repayment terms to be determined by the Administrative Committee, but would normally be repaid within a maximum of five years from the date of the disbursement of the funds, whereas the Hardship Grant, which would normally not exceed $3,000, is not required to be repaid.  To apply for a Benevolent Loan and/or Hardship Grant, either for yourself or on behalf of another member, please download this form and submit it as follows:

  • Serving Members – through the member’s chain of command to the Corps Adjutant
  • Retired Members – directly to the Corps Adjutant
Submissions may be sent by email only to: The RCEME Corps Adjutant (rcemegemrc.corpsadjt@forces.gc.ca)