An excellent venue for fostering team spirit, friendly competition, and esprit de corps, the Regional and National Sporting Events have over many years become tradition within the Corps of RCEME. RCEME units are encouraged to send a team, or combine with other RCEME organizations to form a team. For each of the Regional Golf and Curling RCEME Sporting Events, the RCEME Guild will sponsor one team, comprised of Craftsmen and/or Second Lieutenants, that has been selected by the respective organizing committee. The team members must be members of the RCEME Guild.

Petawawa Bonspiel: Date 1-3 March 2024

DETAILS: The Maintainers of Garrison Petawawa are pleased to host the Annual Colonel Karen Ritchie Memorial RCEME Bonspiel to be held at the Pembroke Curling Club from 1 to 3 March 2024. General Instructions and registration details will be distributed in the new year. All RCEME personnel, both serving and retired, are invited to participate.

REGISTRATION: Registration for the 2024 Bonspiel will be done via Microsoft Forms Registration instructions will be distributed with the General Instructions. Questions can be directed to the Registration OPI, WO Thomson,

QUESTIONS: General questions about the event be directed to the OPI, Lt Parker,


Edmonton Bonspiel: Date TBC





Gagetown Bonspiel: Date 15-17 March

DETAILS: Each year 5 CDSG Tech Svcs Maint Coy hosts the Atlantic RCEME Bonspiel at the GAGE Golf and Curling Club to promote esprit de corps within the RCEME corps. This year marks the 42nd running of the Bonspiel. The Atlantic RCEME Bonspiel is intended to increase morale, competitiveness, and build team spirit within the local RCEME community. Maximum participation of RCEME personnel is strongly encouraged.

Who: All serving and retired Atlantic area RCEME personnel

What: RCEME curling Bonspiel

Where: The Gage Golf & Curling Club

When: 15-17 March 2024

Cost: $200 per team (4 players + 1 spare)

REGISTRATION: Use QR code to register


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