RCAO Regional Network

The map of the RCAO regional network and contact information of the national and regional co-chairs are shown below.

National Committee

The National Committee can be reached at RCEMECulture-CultureGEMRC@forces.gc.ca and includes the following co-chair members:

  • LCol M. Champagne
  • Maj A. Nguyen
  • MWO K. McKeough
  • Lt D. Zhao


Regional Committees

The Regional Committees include the co-chair members of the Western, Central, NCR, Québec, and Atlantic regions:


  • Sgt Jean-Michael Bédard-Théoret
  • WO Roxanne Caron
  • MWO Leigh Joiner


  • Capt Laurène Mazade
  • Capt Nicholas Landry
  • MCpl Anthony Graves
  • MCpl Robert Salsman


  • Maj Max Hazledine
  • LCol Claudie Thériault


  • Sgt Véronique Dumont
  • Sgt Nigel Gallant
  • Sgt M.A. Quijano Vargas
  • Sgt Amélie Lavoie


  • WO Joshua Clowe
  • Sgt Mélanie Marr