Regional Network

A strong RCEME Regional Network dedicated to the promotion of the Corps of RCEME and the passage of information to Corps personnel is critical to ensure members are aware of Corps initiatives, and understand Corps priorities and objectives. It is also essential to fostering regimental esprit de corps in order to enhance the morale and cohesion of the RCEME family.

The RCEME Regional Network is comprised of three core components; the Senior Regional Representative, the Senior Regional CWO, and the Regional ETSM, each of whom holds key command or staff positions within their respective regions.  This team is the nucleus of the RCEME Regional Network and is supported and mentored by an appointed RCEME Council member.

Find below a map of RCEME Regional Representatives across Canada.

Contact Information

Please see below for the contact information of the regional representatives. The Corps leadership can be reached at

Region Regional Representative Contact Information
Atlantic LCol J. Legendre

CWO R. Purchase

MWO C. Muise

Central LCol Ron Balkaran

CWO J. Côté

MWO D. Forbes

NCR LCol J. Van Dyk

CWO E. Vachon

Quebec LCol C. Thériault

CWO K. Bérubé

MWO M. Pelletier

Western LCol J. Boland

CWO L. Power

MWO Lefebvre

Reserve Maj O. Fontaine

MWO D.J. Neville

RCAF Maj C.N. Rideout

CWO E.J.F. Jobin


(East Coast)

Maj R. Weatherill

(West Coast)

Capt C. Lussier