Occupation Advisors (OA)

Occupation Advisors (OAs) and Assistant Occupation Advisors (AOAs) provide a crucial link between Director RCEME and the Non-Commissioned Members (NCMs) of the Corps. Their role is to advise on a wide variety of issues (i.e. training, recruiting, equipment, and tooling) and also participate in Corps Staff meetings.

The OAs and AOAs for each of the trades are listed below.

Materials Technicians maintain and repair land vehicles and all related equipment. They are specialist in welding, sewing, and everything that involves working with raw material.

For more information about the RCEME Material Technician trade, click here.

Contact information for the OA and AOA:

Mat Tech OA: Maj D.J. McGinlay (incoming Maj K. Theroux)

Mat Tech AOA: WO M.J. Vaillancourt (incoming MWO J.P.G.B. Blanchette)

Electronic-Optronic (EO) Technicians maintain, repair, and modify fire control systems to ensure the accurate delivery of ammunition to the intended target.

For more information about the RCEME Electronic-Optronic (EO) Technician trade, click here.

Contact information for the OA and AOA:

EO Tech OA: Maj M.D. Hazledine (incoming Maj S. Massicotte)

EO Tech AOA: MWO E. Savoie

Vehicle Technicians maintain, repair, and overhaul land vehicles and related equipment to keep them in top condition.

For more information about the RCEME Vehicle Technician trade, click here.

Contact information for the OA and AOA:

Veh Tech OA: Maj A.H. Hadi

Veh Tech AOA: MWO C. MacKinnon

Weapons Technicians maintain and repair weapons, weapons systems, and ancillary equipment.

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Contact information for the OA and AOA:

Wpns Tech OA: Maj P.R. Theroux (incoming Maj N. Leung)

Wpns Tech AOA: MWO D. Bureau

All four RCEME NCM trades merge to Land Equipment Engineering Technologist (LEET) upon promotion to Warrant Officer. LEET has improved roles and responsibilities, including advising on LEMS domains, recommending equipment modifications, and conducting technical investigations.

Contact information for the OA and AOA:

LEET OA: Maj D.P. Burke

LEET AOA: MWO F.J.A. Gagnon (incoming MWO B.J. Davies)

Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Officers maintain and support all Army equipment, and the land-based equipment of the Royal Canadian Navy and the Royal Canadian Air Force.

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Contact information for the OA and AOA:

Officer OA: Maj N.J.F. Goulet (incoming Maj A. Bazinet)

In recognition of the special role that ammunition specialist officers have within The Corps of RCEME, combined with the increased significance and rapid introduction of new weapons systems and their associated ammunition, the position of the RCEME Corps Ammunition Specialist Qualification Advisor (QA Ammo) was established in 2007.

Ammunition is critical to the Canadian Armed Forces’ operational effectiveness. In order to maintain expertise in the ammunition field, a select number of RCEME officers are trained as specialists in ammunition engineering. These ammunition engineers work closely with weapon and platform operators/managers to ensure that CAF ammunition & explosives meets target effects requirements, integrate properly with our weapons systems, and do not pose a safety threat to our own personnel. They may work as the Qualified Ammunition Technical Authority on a procurement project, as Ammunition Engineers within the Directorate of Ammunition and Explosives Management and Engineering (DAEME), and within the Directorate Ammunition and Explosives Regulation (DAER).

RCEME ammunition specialist officers receive their training through a one-year post-graduate Masters of Chemical Engineering at RMC Kingston (SS AEXO).

RCEME Officers trained in the ammunition specialty will still be eligible for normal RCEME Corps employment but will also normally complete one posting at the Capt and Maj ranks in an ammunition-related position either within the established NDHQ Matrix or in a project. There are also now two positions at the LCol rank. Once a member completes their ammunition tour at their current rank they will then continue with other related RCEME employment to obtain the appropriate breadth of experience required for advancement in The Corps. Ammunition positions at the Capt rank currently include the Explosive Safety Officer at DRDC Valcartier, In-Service Ammunition Engineering Support within the Director Ammunition & Explosives Management and Engineering (DAEME) and with various projects involved in the acquisition of new weapons and ammunition. At the rank of Maj, RCEME officers can be employed as the Ammunition Engineering Services Officer in DAEME, with a capital projects overseeing the ammunition safety and suitability for service (ASSB) process, or within the Directorate of Ammunition and Explosive Regulation (DAER) in either the Policy development or Compliance sections. Currently at the LCol level, the opportunity exists for a posting with DAER as the Head of Compliance or as the DAEME COS.

Contact information for the QA Ammo:

QA Ammo: Maj G. DuFour