RCEME Coin and Group Award of Excellence Constitution


A. DAOD 5027-0 Recognition

B. DAOD 5027-1 Awards and Recognition Program


Firmly believing that its greatest strength is its people, the Corps of RCEME is committed to ensuring proper and fast recognition of individuals or groups who, by their actions or behaviour, have contributed beyond the call of duty to instill a sense of pride in our Corps. The flexible and rapid process of awarding the RCEME Coin of Excellence or the RCEME Group Award of Excellence will allow Director RCEME to quickly recognize individuals who would not otherwise be acknowledged by other national awards and recognition programs. The RCEME Coin of Excellence is not designed to replace other awards, but rather to provide another means to quickly convey recognition for achieving ‘RCEME excellence´.


To publicly and quickly recognize the outstanding efforts and or accomplishments that are noteworthy of a RCEME individual or group.


The Corps of RCEME encourages excellence through innovation, dedication, leadership, teamwork, ingenuity, determination and the ability to surpass expectations on a professional level and in the areas of Arte et Marte.  Nominated actions should not hinder the primary job of the candidates.  Eligible candidates for the Coin of Excellence should reflect all, or part of the following criteria:

  1. seen as outstanding; and/or
  2. promotes RCEME esprit de corps; and/or
  3. represents the Corps in a positive light; and/or
  4. demonstrates RCEME core values.

For the RCEME Group Award of Excellence in addition to the above criteria defines a group as five or more persons performing a unique task where their work can best be considered as a whole rather than individually.


RCEME Corps military personnel and, in exceptional circumstances, civilian employees, retirees and non-RCEME CAF members are eligible. A Coin of Excellence can only be given once to an individual. A RCEME Group Award of Excellence


This recognition program came into effect in 20 May 2010 and cannot be backdated.


Nominations for the RCEME Coin of Excellence will be initiated by the Chain of Command (CoC) and can be submitted any time during the year.

The CoC will use the electronic nomination form, Annex A, and will forward it to the RCEME Network Senior Regional Representative, who will pass the nomination to either Director RCEME or his Regional council representative through email.
If accepted, the aim is to have nominees presented with their RCEME Coin of Excellence within one month of the initial request by either Director RCEME or an RCEME Council Officer. Further, the recipient’s name and citation will be permanently displayed on the RCEME website.


In order to meet the criteria stated at reference A and B, a committee must be formed. This committee will assemble as often as required in order to meet the one month timeline. Collaboration can be done long distance if a meeting in person is not possible. As a minimum, the committee shall consist of the following personnel:

  1. Director RCEME; and
  2. Corps SM.

The Committee shall be chaired by Director RCEME and coordinated by a Corps staff member.


The RCEME Coin of Excellence and the RCEME Group Award of Excellence are designed to quickly recognize individuals, or groups who have gone above and beyond in areas of Arte and/or Marte. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the RCEME Corps Email at DND.RCEME-GEMRC.MDN@forces.gc.ca.