The Corps

Vision, Mission and Organization


To see the Corps of RCEME as the cutting-edge technical and engineering force that maximizes land-power for Commanders on operations. An unyielding, adaptable, combat-capable force that will excel on the modern battlefield. Our foresight and ingenuity allow us to respond quickly to emerging situations, providing critical engineering solutions to keep equipment fit for purpose and in the fight.

We are soldier-technicians with a relentless soldier spirit rooted in our heritage, history, and tradition of overcoming challenges. Additionally, we remain committed to the professional and personal wellbeing of RCEME soldiers and leaders, providing varied experiences and opportunities for continued growth while using compassion and empathy to shape our policies and decision-making, ensuring that people remain at the center of everything we do.


The Corps of RCEME will provide technical leadership and land equipment engineering expertise to keep equipment fit for purpose and in the fight to sustain successful CAF operations.


The Corps of RCEME is a Regiment of many small units. The Head of the Organization is the Director RCEME who is supported by the RCEME Council, the Corps Staff and the Virtual Staff.

The Corps is divided into multiple components which are all part of the RCEME Corps.

  1. The Regular Force
  2. The Reserve Force
  3. Cadets
  4. LAD