Director RCEME Awards

List of winners:

2022 – Winners

Regular Force

NCR: WO Jean-Francois Lemieux – $100

Atlantic: Cpl Joseph MacLean – $100

Western: MCpl Christian Smith – $100

Central and National: WO Nathan Barbary – $200

Quebec: MCpl Kevin Gosselin – $100

Reserve Force

Atlantic and National: MCpl Andrew Browne – $200

Western: Sgt Shaun Roy – $100

Central: MCpl Justin Bullock – $100

Quebec: Cpl Jérome Bergeron-Carpentier – $100


Atlantic and National winner: Mr. Glyn Nott – $200


Atlantic: Cadet WO Daniel Ripley – $100

Public Servant

Atlantic and National: Mr. Randy Locke – $200

Western: Mr. Jay Dance – $100

Central: Mr. Michael Gardner -$100

2021 – Winners

National Award: Sgt Patrick Gauthier from Quebec Region;

National Cadet Award: CWO Colby Trenaman from Atlantic Region;

Reserve Award: Sgt Lincoln Chan from Western Region; and

Retiree Award: Mr. Serge Abbott from Quebec Region.

Regional Awards:

  • Western Region: MCpl Peter Light;
  • Central Region: Cpl Cedric Sirard;
  • NCR: MCpl James Gallagher;
  • Quebec Region: Sgt Patrick Gauthier; and
  • Atlantic Region: MCpl Andrew Scott.

2020 – Winners

National Award: Cpl Marie-Pierre Toutant from Central area;

National Cadet Award: WO Hélène Bitang-Anoko from Quebec area;

Reserve Award: Donnie Henry; and

Retiree Award: Capt (ret’d) Daniel David.

Regional Awards:

  • Western Region: Sgt Pierre Boivin and MCpl Kris Shields;
  • Central Region: Cpl Joshua Wiebes and Cpl Marie-Pierre Toutant;
  • NCR: Sgt Thomas Purcell;
  • Quebec Region: Capt Tommy Geoffrey and Sgt Nicolas Pelletier; and
  • Atlantic Region: Sgt Billy Montreuil.

2019 – Winners

National Winner: Cpl Calvin Kelly

National Cadet Winner –  Sgt Kelsey Miller (3036 Sackville Lions)

National Cadet Runner up –  MWO Jacob Dubeau (Corps des cadets 376 College de Beauport)

Reserve Craftsman Winner – Sgt Bernard Caron (35 Svc Bn)

Retiree Winner – Sgt (ret’d) Randall Titus

Regional winners:

  • Atlantic Region including Royal Canadian Navy (East) – MCpl Rebecca Barron;
  • Quebec Region – Ms. Laura Monaco;
  • Central Region – Cpl Calvin Kelly;
  • Western Region including Royal Canadian Navy (West) – WO Chris Nightingale;
  • Training Systems – Ms. Helen Rowen;
  • Royal Canadian Air Force – Cpl Ryan Wade; and
  • Northern Region & Operational Commands – Maj Tom McCombe.