The dispersion of RCEME expertise across all environments of the CAF in all geographical regions of Canada causes some unique challenges with respect to the application of consistent Land Equipment Management System (LEMS) policy and practises to sustain domestic and deployed operations. Exercise (Ex) BLUEBELL strongly reinforces LEMS consistency through the sharing of ideas from all environments and from the holistic LEMS family in order to empower LEMS effectiveness.


Here are the Ex Bluebell Instructions 

The event’s presentations are available here.


Here are the Ex Bluebell Instructions and Annex A.

The event’s presentations are available here.


The COVID-19 pandemic has imposed restrictions on travelling and gathering in large groups, which greatly limit the traditional delivery of this exercise. Although, it is possible to use virtual means to replace in-person interaction. The Corps will continuously update directives in consideration to the newest regional or inter-provincial regulations in order to execute Ex BLUEBELL with success.

Here are the initial Ex Bluebell Instructions, but please refer to this standalone Ex Bluebell Frag O 001 for the actual details of the event.

The following are the timings for this year’s Bluebell townhalls on Microsoft Teams:

130900 May 2021 (EST): BLUEBELL – Borden;

200900 May 2021 (EST): BLUEBELL – NCR;
201900 May 2021 (EST): BLUEBELL – Central and Atlantic, A Res;
251930 May 2021 (EST): BLUEBELL – Quebec, A Res;
261000 May 2021 (ADT): BLUEBELL – Atlantic;
280900 May 2021 (EST): BLUEBELL – Quebec;
030900 June 2021 (EST): BLUEBELL – Central;
172000 June 2021 (MST): BLUEBELL – Western, A Res; and
181000 June 2021 (MST): BLUEBELL – Western.

Here are the Annex A – Agenda and the Annex B – Presentation List for your information.

The event’s presentations are available here.

The links and the login details for MS Teams will be distributed by your regional representatives. To participate, please ensure that you are within a RCEME organization.


Due to Covid-19, there were no visits this year. Here is a publication



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