60 Seconds With…

On this show, we feature members of the RCEME Corps and we ask them a few questions. They have to answer as much as possible in 60 seconds!

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25 May: Cfn MartinStudent at the RCEME School.

10 February: Col (ret’d) T.J. Temple – The new Colonel Commandant of the Corps.


16 December: Col E.J.R.C. Gauthier and CWO K.S. NorthorpDRCEME and Corps SM. Holiday edition of the 60 Seconds.

23 September: Lt Sean MenezesProject Officer, Additive Manufacturing Project.

5 August: Maj Neil Whitehead – DLEPS 3-6, as our Foreign Exchange Officer/LEMS Future Requirement.

7 July: Capt Bonifice YogendranDLEPS 6-2, as the Reliability and Maintenance Analyst.

19 May: Maj Jason Das The liaison officer at US Army Tanks and Armaments Command.

14 May: BGen (ret’d) Bill Brewer – The Colonel Commandant of the Corps.

1 April: CWO Kevin NorthorpThe Corp Sergeant Major.

23 February: BGen Sébastien BouchardCommandant RMC, our very first RCEME “60 Seconds With…”.