RCEME Guild Bursary


The intent of the RCEME Scholarship Bursary is to encourage and broaden our families’ understanding of the RCEME Corps and to offer a modest amount of financial assistance toward the completion of a post-secondary program leading to a degree, diploma or certificate. This benefit is available to the immediate family including the grandchildren of all Guild members provided that the member has been in good standing for at least one full year prior to the date of application. The RCEME Guild will award up to twelve (12) RCEME Bursaries annually in the amount of $1,000.00 each. This benefit is limited to a one-time award per applicant.


The submission must include:

1. A scanned proof of acceptance into an accredited post-secondary institution or program along with the application;

2. The application is to be written by the applicant only;

3. An essay of 1000 words +/- 15% (150 words) in MS Word format only;

4. Use the MS Word format of Annex A only;

5. The text must be well constructed and free of errors; and

6. The essay should include the following points:

a. Applicant cover page:

    • Applicant’s first and last name;
    • Applicant’s postal address;
    • Applicant’s email address;
    • Guild member’s name; and
    • Guild member’s membership number.

b. Principal essay:

    • An introduction of the applicant;
    • The future goals of the applicant; and
    • Understanding and interpretation of the Corps of RCEME, its role and/or history.

Other information:

1. A minimum of 60% is required to be considered;

2. Only complete files will be reviewed by the Board of Directors for evaluation;

3. The Board of Directors will review applications during the summer. Winners will be announced immediately following the fall board meeting of the Guild Fund of RCEME;

4. Requests must be sent to us no later than: 25 August 2023 / 4 PM;

5. During the review process, identifying information will be withheld from the Board members in order to remove any perception of bias; and

6. Applications should be sent by email only to the Corps Adjt at: rcemegemrc.corpsadjt@forces.gc.ca.

Document list:

1. Annex A: MS Word –  Front Page and Essay (Bilingual);
2. Annex B: Bursary Marking Guide (English); and
3. Annex C: RCEME Bursary By-Law Number 1 Para 8-11 (Bilingual).