Land Equipment Management System (LEMS) Journal:

The objectives of this journal are to promote the professionalism throughout LEMS, provide an open forum with topics of interest, to present land equipment engineering articles, to communicate new tactical and strategic realities and also to provide announcement concerning the RCEME Corps.

The LEMS Journal depends upon its readers for content. Articles on all LEMS systems, photographs, cartoons, people, news and comments are solicited. The Journal is an unclassified, unofficial source of information. Contents do not necessarily represent official DND policy and are not to be quoted.

Contributors may submit their original text of about 500 words or more (no restriction) via email at Photos should be submitted in common formats that are high quality for us to manage (more than 300dpi or about 2Mb in file size). Lower resolution photos are also accepted in relevant cases. Personnel must be identified in all cases, both text and captions, by rank, initials, surname, trade and unit. The editor reserves the right to reject and edit any editorial material.


8th Edition (November 2021)

7th Edition (July 2021)

6th Edition (March 2021)

5th Edition (Nov 2020)

4rd Edition (Feb 2020)

3rd Edition (Sep 2019)

2nd Edition (Nov 2018)

1st Edition (April 2018)


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