Coin of Excellence


The Coin’s unique design is representative of the Corps of RCEME. The hexagonal perimeter, signifying the shape of a bolt’s head, is common to all 4 Occupations. One side of the Coin has a border with our moto “By skill and by fighting” in English and French and the colours of the RCEME flag in the background. The moto is symbolized by the crossed wrench over the bayonet reminding us that our technical skills make us relevant. The words “for excellence” explains the Coin’s purpose. The other side displays our cap badge. The words “Presented by Director RCEME” give the Coin its significance, making it clear that it must be earned. The serialized number makes each Coin unique and will allow the Corps to keep a record of the individual who earned it and the citation. Finally, the overall look and feel, like a piece of art, reinforces the level of excellence one must demonstrate to receive the RCEME Coin of Excellence.

The Nomination form can be found here.

Coin of Excellence Constitution

Coin of Excellence Recipients List