Museum Digitization

The RCEME Council has approved the Foundation’s proposal to transform the RCEME Museum into one of the few digitized museums among the more than 70 military museums supported by the Canadian Forces. This will significantly increase the reach of our physical museum as well as provide online access to many RCEME artifacts which the museum has been unable to display because of space constraints. One of the museum’s first projects will be to digitize Col Murray Johnston’s “Book of Remembrance”. The next step will be to digitize the “Honours, Decorations and Medals” document and make both available for viewing at the museum as well as online. On the 27th of October 2021, The RCEME Foundation applied to Digital Museums Canada for a significant Grant to fund an online, multi-media project called: “By Skill and by Fighting – The Voices of Canada’s Soldier – Technicians” which will tell the story of RCEME. The plan is to document a series of stories by filming interviews with active and retired RCEME members, making use of our artifacts as well as interview material available from the Veterans’ Affairs “Memory Project”. This project will go a long way to keep our RCEME history alive.

The Foundation has already developed a Virtual Museum Tour to introduce new visitors to our museum and encourage them to make an in-person visit. To experience our Virtual Tour, click on the image below.