The Combustion Chamber

The RCEME community brings to you a podcast delivered by our very own. In this series, may their voices generate sparks that will create power within our Corps!

Please see below for our featured members.


25 October: MWO Gagnon – Weapons Project Officer, QETE! In this episode, he shares details about the ATWO program and what it means to be a Master Gunner.

28 September: Lt Sean MenezesProject Officer, Additive Manufacturing Project! In this episode, he shares with us his work on Additive Manufacturing in Canadian Armed Forces(CAF).

5 August: Maj Neil Whitehead – DLEPS 3-6, as our Foreign Exchange Officer/LEMS Future Requirement, in this episode, he shares with us his work with Equipment Information Exploitation ( Equipment IX).

7 July: Capt Bonifice Yogendran – DLEPS 6-2, as the Reliability and Maintenance Analyst, in this episode, he shares with us his work with FarrierWorks, predictive maintenance and artificial intelligence.

19 May: Maj Jason Das The liaison officer at US Army Tanks and Armaments Command, in this episode, he shares with us his experience with OUTCAN work and in the additive manufacturing domain.

1 April: CWO Kevin Northorp The Corp Sergeant Major, in this episode, he answers some of your questions on the addition of the Land Equipment Engineering Technologist (LEET) occupation.

23 February: BGen Sébastien Bouchard – Commandant RMCOur very first RCEME “Combustion Chamber” series video.