RCEME Corps 75th Anniversary

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Event calendar (last updated July 2019)


In 2019, the Corps of RCEME will be celebrating its 75th Anniversary!  In celebrating this historic occasion, the Corps is conducting a number of projects and activities that will be taking place in RCEME establishments across Canada and around the world.  This page informs you, RCEME members and friends, on how the Corps is moving forward and invites you to become involved in the 75th Anniversary Celebrations and render homage to 75 glorious years of existence!

The 75th Anniversary will be marked by three types of celebrations:

  1. Local Activities.  Each base and workshop are encouraged to conduct its own celebrations to highlight this occasion.  Any members that want to become involved should speak to their local RCEME representative.  Of note, workshops and bases are also encouraged to communicate the details of their celebrations through the Regional Network to de-conflict a very busy calendar in 2019.
  2. National Activities.  In addition to local celebrations, each Region will be conducting an activity that will bring members together from across the country.  This includes such activities as Adventure Training, a Nijmegen march, a Recovery Skills competition, etc.  To become involved, in these activities, speak to your Regional Representative.
  3. Commemorative Products.  A number of enduring projects have been initiated to highlight the historic nature of the occasion.  Various OPIs across the country have begun work publishing a photography book, a 45-minute film, a time capsule, a coin, and other products that will be available for purchase and distribution across the Corps.

What is common to all activities and projects is need for the help of our members…  as volunteers, as contributors, and finally, as participants!  Additional information about the various activities and products can be found here.

National Activities

The Regions are organising the following activities that will take place in 2019:

1. Adventure Training [Atlantic]

5 Div will be conducting an Adventure Training Exercise in Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland, with participants from across the country.  We are putting those teams together right now, so contact your RCEME regional representative to submit your name.

2. RCEME Nijmegen March [NCR]

The NCR is putting together a RCEME Team to do the Nijmegen March in 2019, with participants from across the country. The communique is out now, click here to view it. Also, see the RCEME Communiqué page for the training plan.

Message from D RCEME and the Corps SM: We are immensely proud to announce the team members of the RCEME Nijmegen team for the 75th anniversary:

Maj G.M. Butcher (Team Leader)

WO J. Dupuis (Team 2IC)

Cpl A.M. Caron (Medic)

WO C.J. Nightingale

Sgt J.R. Muzzy

Sgt B. Pilon

MCpl A.J. Hill

MCpl P.A. Marsolais

Cpl A.M. Andrew

Cpl J.M. Boulay

Cpl A.J.F. Deshaies-Bouchard


Lt N.R. Bourgon (spare)

MCpl S. Giza (spare)

Cpl C.P.G. Dupont (spare).

3. Mobile Repair Team (MRT) Challenge [Central]

RCEME teams from across the country will design, build and compete as MRT in a trade skills challenge course in Petawawa in May 2019. 3 Div is hosting this challenge.  We are putting those teams together right now, so contact your RCEME regional representative to submit your team.

4.  Skill-At-Arms Competition [RCEME School]

Note: EX Unhorsed Rider was cancelled because of a lack of resources due to regional flooding during the spring of 2019.

As part of the RCEME Corps’ 75th Anniversary, the RCEME School will host Exercise UNHORSED RIDER, a skill-at-arms competition based on a 35 km patrol competition where soldier-technicians are challenged on a variety of tactical and technical scenarios. The 75th Anniversary marks an important year for all soldiers who participate. This exercise demonstrates the Corps’ continued commitment to delivering effective training to fellow future technicians and Officers, emphasizing the Corps motto “Arte et Marte” (By Skill and By Fighting). Contributions to the 75th Anniversary donation will greatly help this event.

5.  Recovery and Repair Challenge [Western]

4 Div will be coordinating a recovery and Repair Challenge. RCEME Teams will travel to Wainwright to compete against each other. We are putting those teams together right now, so contact your RCEME regional representative to submit your name.

For historical background on recovery, check here.

6. Scrap Metal Challenge [Québec]

As part of the RCEME Corps 75th Anniversary, the Scrap metal challenge was held on May 15th on five CAF bases simultaneously. The five teams were to build a machine, mostly made of scrap metal, capable of crossing many types of obstacles while carrying up to five passengers. The challenge concluded with a projectile accuracy test projected from a trebuchet/catapult device mounted on the machine.

The teams were evaluated on many criteria, such as mechanical/electrical design, precision and track performance.

It is an honour to congratulate Valcartier’s team for their brilliant victory !

On behalf of the RCEME Corps Director, Colonel Corriveau, I would like to thank all the teams for their efforts, ingenuity and skills.

OPI : Capt Tommy Geoffroy (668-2943).

7.  Army Events

At the 2019 Army Run and the 2019 Army Ball, RCEME will take its place of honour in celebration of its 75 years.  So ensure that you’re marking your calendar to participate in these prestigious events!

For the 2019 edition of the Army Run, RCEME will be hosting a water station located outside the National Gallery of Canada! The OPIs are looking for volunteers for this event. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Lt Nicholas Bourgon or Maj Nicholas Arseneault for more information.

OPI: Lt Nicholas Bourgon (819-939-4378)

8. National Sentry Program

RCEME soldiers will hold the prestigious honour of guarding the National War Memorial in downtown Ottawa in 2019.  If you would like to be a part of this event, ensure that you are communicating this to your RCEME representatives.

Read the bios of those who will be performing this duty.

Cpl Tremblay

Cpl Theoret

Cpl Turcotte

MCpl Dalpé

MCpl Thompson

9. Blue Beret Parade

10. Borden Mixed Ball

Commemorative Products

In addition to events, the following projects need a special amount of organisation due to their enduring nature.

1. RCEME Time Capsule

Update 24 Sept 19: Now is the time to forward your RCEME articles, books, photos, pins and artifacts to be interned in the official Corps of RCEME 75th Anniversary Time Capsule. Anything will be considered, subject to size constraints, discretion and approval. We hope to have these items arrive at the RCEME School before the scheduled ceremony which is scheduled 1100 hours 7 November 2019. There is plenty of time and space for organizations who would like to participate, in order to preserve some of our unique history.

Additionally, if there are any Light Aid Detachments (LAD), local museums or Legions, etc. that have RCEME items to donate, please do not hesitate to contact any of the OPIs listed below. We are family after all and we would like to include you this unique opportunity.

Your items will be sorted by area or region, placed inside of a sealed 25m ammo box (supplied by the school), then hermetically sealed with those of other units in a burial vault. We will take the utmost care and control in the handling your articles in order to ensure that they survive the journey into the future intact. You may also wish to include a short story indicating the significance or history of the item, so that it may be shared for generations to come.

For those units who have already collected several items, you are now strongly encouraged to send them without further delay. Do not miss out on this opportunity to be represented. If you have already forwarded your items, we thank you for your support and diligence.

To participate or to send your treasure troves (the sooner, the better), forward them by mail or courier to:

Corps of RCEME 75th Time Capsule
Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers School
83 Lundy Lane
PO Box 1000 Station Main
Borden ON L0M 1C0

Queries may be directed to the following individuals:

Captain C.S. Plouffe (Stephane.Plouffe@forces.gc.ca) CSN 270-5302.

Chief Warrant Officer J.C.E. Drouin (Eric.Drouin@forces.gc.ca) CSN 270-3398.

Master Warrant Officer T.A. Gervais (Todd.Gervias@forces.gc.ca) CSN 270-5878.

Sergeant J.I.J. Grondin (Jimmy.Grondin@forces.gc.ca), CSN 270-3991.

Sergeant M.L. Laevens (Michael.Laevens@forces.gc.ca), CSN 270-5897.

2.  “A Week in the Life of RCEME”

Inspired by Rick Smolan’s Book, “A Day in the Life of Canada”, the Corps of RCEME will be capturing a week in the life of RCEME in photography.  Members across the country were encouraged to get out their iPhones and Samsungs and take interesting, dynamic photographs of RCEME in Action!







The 75th RCEME anniversary book, One week in the life of RCEME, is now for sale at CANEX and available for sale online! http://www.canex.ca/rceme-75th-anniversary-book.html

OPI: CWO Drouin and Capt Doucet-Hebert, 2 Div         

3.  A 45-Minute Film “The RCEME Soldiers Story, 1994-2019”

With the aim of highlighting our successes and motivating the future of the RCEME Corps, this film will tell the story of the Corps through the last 25 years from the perspective of those who were fixing kit and leading our soldiers both in Canada and abroad during peacetime, natural disasters and combat.  This success of this project hinges on contributions from across the RCEME Corps family (serving and retired).  We welcome contributions that highlight Corps involvement in expeditionary and domestic operations as well as key events and changes which occurred during this period.  Submit your stories, photos and videos.  The production of the film is proceeding smoothly and the initial cut looks fantastic!

Watch the movie below!

OPI: RCEME School Adjt

4.  The RCEME Journal, two Special Editions

The RCEME online Journal for the 75th Anniversary is now live! This online portal will serve as a means to look back upon the last 75 years within our Corps to see how far we’ve come, as well as to view our activities and festivities throughout the year across the Country. The intent is to build this online journal as a collective and generate fresh content on a regular basis.

But…WE NEED YOUR HELP…and this is where YOU come into play! We need the RCEME Corps’ collective minds to fully populate the site with interesting past or current articles, images, ideas, or other content.

  • Tell us a story within your workshop!
  • Write about a past or current member that you’d like the community to get to know!
  • Send us an interesting historic piece about the Corps!
  • Show off the fact that your area has the best upcoming Regional Activities for this year!

So click that submit button and start writing! New content will be posted and shared regularly, so keep it coming!

OPIs: Maj Jessica Ross and Capt Sunny Zhang

5. The 75th Anniversary Coin

A fine coin will be distributed as a complimentary gift to all RCEME Guild members. Serving members will have their coin distributed via the technical network. Non-serving Guild members will receive their coin by mail. Make sure to update your mailing address!

Once distribution is completed, additional coins will be available for sale at CANEX.

OPI: MWO Johnson, RCEME School

6. RCEME 75th Anniversary Scotch

Glenfiddich 15 year old Single Malt Scotch Whiskey ($80.00 incl tax)

Update 17 April 19:

There is now an RCEME Scotch decanter available on the CANEX website.



This bottle is the classic Glenfiddich 15 year old single malt with a customized label on the bottle commemorating the RCEME 75th anniversary.  Pre-order your bottle before 1 March 2019 to have it ready for pickup prior to 15 May.   This is a limited time offer and no orders will be accepted after 1 March 2019.  Glenfiddich is a proud supporter of Wounded Warriors Canada and will donate $2.00 for every bottle sold.

To place your order for the Glenfiddich, fill out the electronic form located here:  RCEME 75th Glenfiddich Scotch Ordering Page

Payment of $80.00 is to be made by Interac E-transfer to RCEMEScotch75@gmail.com.  Ensure you send a separate email to that account with the password you selected for the e-transfer.  Orders will not be processed unless payment is received.

Distribution is estimated to take place in April and will only be delivered to the following locations:

  • CFB Borden
  • CFB Edmonton
  • CFB Esquimalt
  • CFB Gagetown
  • CFB Halifax
  • CFB Petawawa
  • CFB Shilo
  • CFB St. John’s
  • CFB Valcartier
  • Dundurn, SK
  • Montreal, QC
  • Ottawa, ON

***Note that bottles will only be available for pickup at the above locations through the local OPI.   If you wish to order and have a friend pickup for you, written authorization needs to be submitted to the local OPI.   Details on your region’s OPI will be available shortly.   Depending on the quantity of orders per area, Glenfiddich may consider additional locations for distribution but this will not be confirmed until March 2019.  Therefore understand that you may need to travel to one of the above locations to retrieve your bottle.

For further information, please contact Maj J.R. Optis at Jonathan.Optis@forces.gc.ca or Sgt JDJE Perron at Eric.Perron4@forces.gc.ca

OPI: Maj J.R. Optis, RCEME School

7.  RCEME 75th Anniversary Ring

The ring is available for ordering via the provider’s website https://www.jostenscanada.com/rceme-gemrc.html. The ring is available in three sizes. There will be the large format (23.1mm x 20mm), a medium format (20.4mm x 18mm) and a small format (16.4 mmx14.4 mm). The three rings come in many types of materials that are all guaranteed for life. The popular material is Lustrium.

– LUSTRIUM, hypoallergenic material with a double veneer in 23K yellow gold
– LUSTRIUM, hypoallergenic material in silver color

You will also have the option of engraving text inside the ring. The ring is delivered in a free small box and for a few dollars more, you will also have the option to choose a wooden box with personalized plate. It may be delivered to your home address anywhere in Canada, the United States and internationally.

The cost of Lustrium rings depending on the chosen format will be $ 319.75 for the large format, $ 299.75 for the medium format and $ 294.75 for the small format. Transport and tax are not included. This commemorative ring will remain an unforgettable memory.

OPI: Mr. Daniel David (Capt ret’d)

8.  RCEME T-shirt

Several 75th Anniversary products will be sold through CANEX, starting (at the earliest) March 2019. Items include a T-shirt, ball cap, lapel pin and coffee mug. The RCEME community will be notified once the products become available.

OPI: Maj J. Desmarais, CANSOMCOM HQ

9. RCEME Flag

The new RCEME Flag is available for pre-order now on Flags Unlimited’s website! Flags are $66.99 before tax, and will be shipped around 05 May 2019. See Communique 02/2019 – RCEME Flag for more direction on usage of the new camp flag. Note: it is NOT to be flown before 15 May 2019.

OPI: CWO Saunders, Corps SM

Information for Sponsors

Information for potential sponsors

If you wish to become a sponsor or donator to help fund these many events, more details can be found here.  Please visit the RCEME Sponsorship page and make your donations out to the RCEME 75th Anniversary Fund.