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RCEME Guild Bursary


The RCEME Bursary is offered to the dependants and grandchildren of any member of the RCEME Guild who has been in good standing for no less than twelve (12) months prior to the application. The RCEME Guild will award up to fifteen (15) RCEME Bursaries annually in the amount of $500.00 each. An applicant can be awarded an RCEME Bursary only once in their lifetime.


Each submission will consist of a scanned Proof of Acceptance into an accredited post-secondary institution or program along with the Application. The Application is to be written by the applicant only and should address the following points in no more than 750 words in MS Word format only:

  1. an introduction of the applicant;
  2. the future goals of the applicant; and
  3. understanding and interpretation of The Corps of RCEME, its role and/or history.

Each submission shall contain:

  • a viable email address from the applicant;
  • a viable email address from the corresponding RCEME Guild member;
  • the membership number of the RCEME Guild member; and
  • a current mailing address.

The marking guide is available here.

Application with a Proof of Acceptance letter must be received by email only at the office of The RCEME Corps Adjutant (email address below) no later than 20 July 2018 and only complete files will be reviewed by the Board of Directors for consideration. During the review process, identifying information will be withheld from Board members in order to remove any perception of bias. Recipients will be announced immediately following the Fall RCEME Guild Board of Directors meeting.

Submissions may be sent by email only to:

The RCEME Corps Adjutant gary.dzeoba@forces.gc.ca

Or Administrative Assistant to the RCEME Corps Adjutant gaye.somertondejimenez@forces.gc.ca