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Hockey Tournament

Each year in the fall, members of the RCEME Corps are participating in a hockey tournament in Borden, named WO Muise Hockey Tournament.


17th Annual WO Muise memorial hockey tournament invitation letter can be found here. Key information as follows:

  • Dates: Nov 23 to the 25 2018;
  • Location: Andy Anderson arena, CFB Borden, ON;
  • Cap set a 14 teams maximum, triple elimination bracket – each team will be limited to 1 non-RCEME pers;
  • Registrations open Sept 24 2018, registration closes Oct 12 2018;
  • Team registration based on first come first served basis; (registration forms can be found at Annex C of invitation letter)
  • Team fees jumped from 300$ to 425$ per team (due to an increase in cost of renting the ice);
  • 1 x Non-RCEME player authorized per team vs 3 in the past;
  • Meet and greet will be held on Friday Nov 23 @ 1730 at the Andy Anderson arena;
  • Every team will be guaranteed 3 games, tournament format here; and
  • Accommodations are available on Base, at the players expanse. (MCpl Sheridan is available to assist if needed,

OPI: Capt Hazledine

2IC: WO Paradis