*Upcoming events:

  • 25 September: LAD Borden opening meeting, S-165 RCEME School, Borden, ON.
  • 11 October: LAD NCR opening meeting, Holland Armoury, Ottawa, ON.
  • 23-25 October: WO Muise Hockey Tournament, Borden, ON. Register now, before 12 Oct 18.

*On 6 September 2018, members of 3 Cdn Div participated in Exercise MOUNTAIN MAN 18. This is a competition that consists of a 29 km rucksack run, a 3.2 km portage, an 11.2 km canoe paddle and finally a 4.8 km rucksack run. The RCEME Corps was very well represented during this competition and the RCEME participants portrayed their apt soldering skills along as their mental fortitude having 34 of the 304 participants. Overall we had many excellent results including having people finish 2nd and 3rd overall, and having the top 3 people in the female masters category.

  • Overall:
    2nd : MCpl Alexander Marinutti, 3 PPCLI
    3rd : Lt Charles Turmel, 1 Svc Bn
    17th : Cpl Bevan Payter, 1 Svc Bn
  • Female Open:
    7th: Capt Kait Theroux, 3 CDSG Tech Svc
  • Men’s Masters:
    6th: WO Stephen Eddy, LdSH(RC)
    7th: MWO Gerald Lefebvre, 3 PPCLI
  • Female Masters:
    1st: LCol Heather Morrison, 1 Svc Bn
    2nd: Sgt Naomi Okimawininew, 1 CER
    3rd: Sgt Marie Walton, 1 PPCLI

Congratulations to all the runners and thanks for showcasing your warrior spirit and once again demonstrating the outstanding determination of the RCEME Corps.

*For any retirement messages wished to be sent out to the RCEME family, please send to our mailbox: DND.RCEME-GEMRC.MDN@forces.gc.ca.