The RCEME Culture Change Advisory Organization (RCCAO) is a network of dedicated and passionate volunteers within the Corps who, through collaboration with RCEME members, identify solutions to systemic issues impacting Corps members’ well-being. The RCCAO initiative will analyze Corps organizational culture and subcultures, including the traditions and regimental system, to fully support progressive and necessary change.


The RCCAO will be established by phase (Timeline updated as of 7 February 2022). :

  • Phase 0 – Ongoing: This phase consists of advance preparations for training, establishment of administrative and external SME support, and the garnering of regional volunteers. Additional communication via social media and email will be forthcoming in order to ensure all Corps members have a chance to volunteer for this endeavour;
  • Phase 1A – Condition Based (February 2022):  Assignment of Regional roles and initial briefings and training to be completed;
  • Phase 1B – Condition Based (February 2022): Regional committees integration with Division initiatives;
  • Phase 2 – Condition Based (Spring 2022): Initial focus groups and surveys; and
  • Phase 3 – Condition Based: Continuous improvement cycle commences. This phase will see a consolidation of recommendations at the National level and any necessary adjustments or improvements to the RCCAO.

While we continue to build the organization, for any questions, additional information or guidance, please contact the National Committee at

RCCAO Volunteers

All RCCAO members aim to be part of  Culture Change solutions in the Corps of RCEME hence why they have selflessly volunteered to be a part of this organization. The RCCAO is divided into a National and Regional Committees to ensure representation from every region. Members of all ranks and backgrounds can be part of the organization. The current members leading this initiative are:

National Committee

National Co-Chair: Major Jean-Raphael Fleury (

National Co-Chair: Major Hilary Forbes (

National Co-Chair: MWO Nicole Barrett (

Regional Committees

The Regional Committees will include the co-chair members of the respective regions including Western, Central, NCR, Quebec and Atlantic region. Regional Co-Chair members will be announced soon.

RCCAO Terms of References

The RCCAO TORs and Communique were drafted to formalize the RCCAO initiative and provide knowledge to the members of the Corps of RCEME about the initiative, who is it intended for, what problems the organization is seeking to tackle and much more. For additional information on the the RCCAO please consider reading the TORs and the DRCEME Communique. A revised version of the Communique and the TOR will be posted soon. Please stay tuned. 


-> Additional resources: Canadian Armed Forces Ethos : Trusted to Serve

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