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RCEME Corps Staff Outstanding Action Items – March 2020

01. Capt Mazade – Admin Instr         PDF

02. DRCEME & Corps SM Opening Remarks         PPT or PDF

04. Maj Arseneault & MWO Cimon – OA & AOA Veh Tech         PPT or PDF

05. Maj G. Wall MWO W. Wilson – OA WPNS Tech         PPT or PDF

07. Maj Wagner MWO Goldfinch – OA AOA Mat Tech         PPT or PDF

08. Maj Leduc & MWO Hausman – OA EO Tech         PPT or PDF

09 & 10. Maj Dalziel & MWO Leclerc – OA Offr & LEET         PPT or PDF

13. LCol Fontaine – G4 Plans Update         PPT or PDF

14. Maj Duque – RCEME PRes         PPT or PDF

17. Maj Beauvais – Strat Topics Debrief         PPT or PDF

18. Maj Keane -DLEP3-6 Update         PPT or PDF

22. RCEME Corps Staff Mtg – CM Presentation Mar 2020         PPT or PDF

23. Maj Beauvais – Attraction & Retention         PPT or PDF

24. Maj Beauvais – LEMS WG FY 20_21         PPT or PDF

26. Capt Gonthier – G7 Training Design Brief         PPT or PDF

Corps Staff QA Ammo         PPT or PDF


RCEME School:

RCEME School – Corps Staff – 27 March 2020 – final        PPT or PDF

Supporting documents:


24-12 RCEME OJT Centre

Annex_A_Licensed Technician_Program_Flow_of_Events

Annual Trainer Conference (REME)

Copy of Veh Tech OJT Revised

EO Tech OJT Revised

Mat Tech OJT Revised

QL3 Veh Tech Apprentice Legacy TP

RCEME School – OJT recomendation – Oct 2019