RCEME Corps 75th Anniversary Projects


In 2019, the Corps of RCEME will be celebrating its 75th Anniversary!  In celebrating this historic occasion, the Corps will take the opportunity to launch a number of key projects for all members to enjoy.  However, some of these events take time to organise, so we're starting now.  Most of all, we need the help of our members...  as volunteers, as contributors, and finally, as participants!


There will be a hockey-sock full of events going on in 2019.  However, the following projects need a special amount of organisation by RCEME Members.  Click on each one for details about how you can participate:

1.  RCEME Time Capsule

In 2019, the Corps of RCEME will set to stone a Time Capsule to records a moment in time, to be opened at its 100th Anniversary in 2044.  Every RCEME organisation in the country will be solicited to contribute - a series of articles, photos, or some old spare parts...  Start thinking about your contribution!

OPI:  CWO Saunders, RCEME School

2.  "A Day in the Life of RCEME"

Inspired by Rick Smolan's Book, "A Day in the Life of Canada", the Corps of RCEME will be capturing a single day in the life of RCEME in photography.  The date of this week is yet to be decided, but for now, we are looking for RCEME Photographers in units all around the world.  If you have some historical pictures you would like to have considered for the book, keep them in good care along with all the picture's details.  An announcement will be made when you can submit them.  Also, if you can snap a good photo of RCEME in action, then submit your name to your RCEME Regional Representatives.

OPI:  MWO Drouin and Lt Doucet-Hebert, 2 Div         

3.  Contributions to the RCEME Museum

General.  That's right, by early 2016, the RCEME Annex will be opening in the Communications and Electronics Museum in Kingston.  A section of the Annex will be dedicated to RCEME organizations and their contributions to this outstanding initiative.  So get in touch with your local RCEME Alumni, dig out your photos or videos, your old trophies and flags, your grandfather's RCEME uniforms, or your contraptions that only RCEME knows best... We are looking for an entry by every RCEME unit, so start thinking about your contribution!


Must fit onto a 3´ x 2´ pedestal,
Must be mobile by two persons by hand (i.e. no forklift required) 

Should be informative (i.e. about some interesting detail about the RCEME Corps and its history)
Should reflect the values of the RCEME Corps:  Innovation, Ingenuity, Arte et Marte
Should represent more than one RCEME Trade
Should be aesthetically pleasing to the eye (and other senses?), may be artistic
Should reflect as much of the history of the Corps as possible (i.e. not just one period / region)


September 2014: All Div Museum Reps identified
December 2014: Scoring for the above criteria disseminated to all
RCEME Day 2015: Send out update on progress by all Divs, announce composition of Judging Panel
Fall 2015: Official opening of RCEME Corps Annex
March 2016: Photos / videos submitted by all units, judging begins
RCEME Day 2016: Judging closes, winning Entry announced
Summer 2016: Winning Entry transported to Kingston

Judging.  Judging will take place online, so each unit must submit a photo(s) / video(s) of their entries as per above.  Composition of Judges Panel is below; options include online voting by all Corps members, by courses going through the RCEME School during Summer 2016, EMEA Members, a weighted combination of all of the above, or other.

Proposed Judging Panel - 11 pers:

- 2x deserving craftsmen currently undergoing DP 1.1 trades training at the RCEMES (Commandant to select);
- 6x pers, one from each of the following regions (Regional Reg to identify)
   a. 1x from a Royal Canadian Navy unit;
   a. 1x from a Royal Canadian Air Force unit;
   a. 1x from Atlantic Region;
   a. 1x from Québec Region;
   a. 1x from Central Region; and
   a. 1x from Western Region.
- 2x RCEME Council members (D RCEME to select); and
- 1x RCEME Association member (D RCEME to select)

Weighting of the scoring criteria:
40%: Informative, attention to detail (i.e. about some interesting detail about the RCEME Corps and its history)
20%: Reflects the values of the RCEME Corps: Innovation (5%), Ingenuity (5%), Arte et Marte (10%)
20%: Represents more than one RCEME Trade (5% per trade represented)
10%: Aesthetically pleasing to the eye (and other senses), may be artistic
10%: Reflects as much of the history of the Corps as possible (i.e. not just one period / region) (2% per era / period, up to 10%)

Local Displays.  All areas and units are encouraged to join forces with local museums, Brigade HQ, Messes etc to find a place to display respective projects in a public space in order to help promote interest and foster pride in this initiative. For instance, in Petawawa, we are fortunate that the local Military Museum has graciously offered the use of the temporary exhibition space from April-November 2016, which will provide a well-cared for and beautifully lit location to share RCEME pride with the Garrison, Brigade, and public!


Overall Project OPIs:  Capt Lefebvre and MWO Roberts 

4.  A 45-Minute Film "The RCEME Soldiers Story, 1994-2019"

With the aim of highlighting our successes and motivating the future of the RCEME Corps, this film will tell the story of the Corps through the last 25 years from the perspective of those who were fixing kit and leading our soldiers both in Canada and abroad during peacetime, natural disasters and combat.  This success of this project hinges on contributions from across the RCEME Corps family (serving and retired).  We welcome contributions that highlight Corps involvement in expeditionary and domestic operations as well as key events and changes which occurred during this period.  Submit your stories, photos and videos.  Interviews will be conducted with individuals involved in interesting or significant events throughout this period which highlight Corps pride and values.  A user-friendly IT solution to facilitate the collection of information is being developed.  Once in place, instructions for accessing and submitting materiel will be communicated via the Corps website and the Regional Network. 

OPI:  Capt Thierry Leduc

5.  75th Anniversary Logo

We need a logo to represent our 75th Anniversary!  A competition will be launched in 2014, so start thinking about a snazzy way to show the number 75, with a horse, a lightnight bolt...

OPI:  Capt Dzoeba, RCEME School

6.  The RCEME Journal, a Special Edition

We will be assembling a series of clips of RCEME Soldiers in action and distributing it to RCEME members! 

OPI:  Maj MA Brassard

Information for Sponsors

We also need sponsors to help fund these many events.  Please make your donations out to the RCEME Guild. 

Heritage Team Update

A copy of the Heritage Team update presentation, dated 13 Jun 2014, is available at the following link: 

Heritage Team Update

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