Occupational Advisor Officer

      Welcome on the RCEME Officer Occupation page.  You have the privilege to be part of the Corps while our occupation is undergoing a massive review aiming at modernizing our structure and training for the next 20 years.  A Military Employment Structure Review was initiated in June 2015.  The review is now at the implementation planning phase, with the implementation scheduled to begin in Oct 2016.  What does it mean for you as a RCEME Officer?  It means that the training is being reviewed to remove redundant or obsolete material and to provide more knowledge on military technology to better prepare the officers to fulfill their role of technical advisor to the command chain.   It also means that the Technical-Adjutant/Land Equipment Engineer concept will soon grow from concept to reality.  The Corps Staff, RCEME School, CTC Training Design along with officers from different units are conducting a series of working groups to ensure the requirements are captured properly and the proper resources are provided to our officers so they become expert at mobility, lethality, survivability and sustainability.

                Few individuals cannot always capture the entire reality of RCEME Officer employments, therefore several people among you will be requested to review documents and to participate in working groups, please take the time to answer the call as your participation is essential to modernization of our occupation.

                Should you have any questions or suggestions about the occupation, please contact me via email at Robert.Cummings@forces.gc.ca.

Officer OA: Maj R. Cummings 

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