This book is not only a Corps history but a living and vivid account of how the Corps of RCEME came to be, its exploits during war, its efforts on United Nations duty and the challenges it faces today. With a global milieu in flux and an unprecedented rate of technological change, the need for those who live by the motto 'Arte et Marte' will undoubtedly grow.

The price of automation and advanced technology is sometimes seen as the loss of mechanics and technicians. But those craftsmen who are also soldiers are absolutely vital to any Army which wishes to be able to fight and win on the modern battlefield. This is a story of young people continuing to build on the equipment maintenance experience of their predecessors over a span of fifty years.

Ten years ago I wrote, "Insight, pride and perspective can help today's Craftsmen to do a better job." It remains the aim of this book.

The book is a Corps of RCEME achievement because writing and producing a Corps history depends on the support from all its members - Regular, Reserve and Retired. Nearly 200 individuals contributed articles, photos or gave interviews. So the book is really the story of a close knit group of men and women who have quietly built up their Regimental traditions and who have worked hard as a strong team which can always be counted on to produce. Six hundred of them are mentioned in the book.

It reflects what people expect from the Corps of RCEME - craftsmanship, professionalism and teamwork. The book will inspire today's and tomorrow's Craftsmen to do their best for Canada - and, because it is available in either official language, it will also contribute to Canadian unity.

RCEME Soldiers must often work in the front lines. Their valour under danger has been recognized with many awards for bravery. The book records three dozen such awards and includes the names of over 600 RCEME men and women. It is the story of Canada's Craftsmen who are proud of their record of achievement in repairing and recovering the army's equipment under dirty, difficult and dangerous conditions - anywhere, anytime.

The ePub version of Canada's Craftsmen at 50! can be found here.

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