The RCEME Flag


1944The Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (RCEME) Flag initially was the same as the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (REME) Flag. It was trisected vertically and the colours, commencing at the hoist, were blue, yellow, and red. To identify between RCEME and REME, however, the RCEME Flag had a small green maple leaf in the central division.

The dark blue represents the Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps, the yellow the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps, and the red stripe represents the Royal Canadian Engineers. 


1946Because of confusion with national flags, the design was changed in July 1946 to trisection horizontally with, from top to bottom, dark blue, yellow and red.




1977With the unification of the Canadian Forces in 1968, many members of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) as well as some members of the Royal Canadian Navy and other army corps joined The Land Ordnance Engineers (LORE). With the exception of the light blue of the RCAF, some, or all of the colours of these former corps of services were found in the blue, yellow, or red of the original RCEME colours.

Thus, in early 1977, a new LORE Flag incorporating the light blue of the RCAF was adopted and approved by the Chief of Defence. Following the traditions of the RCEME Flag, it was quadrisected horizontally, from top to bottom with dark blue, yellow, red and light blue. On the change to LEME on 15 May 1985 and the on the subsequent change back to the Corps of RCEME on 19 April 2013, this flag has remained as our flag. 


The RCEME colours are represented in several other Web Sites, such as the EME A and some personal Web Pages on Facebook.  This page itself renders colours which have been the subject of recent discussions and debates.  The millions of colours a computer can generate today are not seen by all monitors the same way.  In an attempt to standardize the way colours are created to represent the flag, the following is suggested.

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