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Welcome to the Vehicle Technician Occupational Advisor page.

This venture is made possible by the support of The Corps of Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (RCEME), principally Director RCEME and the Occupation Advisor.

It´s your trade. Arte et Marte.

Occupation Advisor: Maj Peter Piotrowski

I am honoured to be your occupation advisor. Although I will not have the opportunity to meet with all of you during my visits to some of the workshops across Canada, I will use this medium, email and regional networks to reach out to you. It is not by chance that the Canadian Army holds its vehicle technicians in high regard. Your ingenuity, flexibility and work ethic in every deployment, operationally or domestically, has built that reputation. I have seen firsthand, the exceptional technical competency held within the 2300 strong of the trade, and I will work with CWO Hrycyk to sustain and constantly improve those competencies into the future. New technology and new fleets will, without a doubt, create challenges for all of you. To ensure that you are equipped to overcome those challenges, CWO Hrycyk and I are always available to you and are your direct line to the Director and Corps SM. We look forward to working with each and every one of you to continue to provide outstanding support to the Canadian Army and the Canadian Armed Forces.    

Arte et Marte

OA Veh Tech, Maj P. Piotrowski

Assistant Occupation Advisor: CWO Daniel Hrycyk

Welcome to our Web site, fellow technicians. I am honoured to be the Assistant Occupational Advisor for the Vehicle Technician Trade. My role is to advise The Corps of RCEME and the Occupational Advisor on the trade itself and various professional issues. I am very proud to be doing this work and to meet the future challenges of the Corps of RCEME. I believe that communicating with you all will be our greatest challenge. This is why you are encouraged to send me your comments and your questions about the trade. Let us be proud of what we have done and remain proactive and dynamic in all future challenges.

AOA Veh Tech, CWO D.S. Hrycyk

Deputy Assistant Occupation Advisor: MWO S. Plouffe

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