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Materials TechniciansWelcome to the Materials Technician Occupation Advisor page.
This venture is made possible by the support of The Corps of Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (RCEME), principally Director RCEME and the Occupation Advisor.

Occupation Advisor: Maj Jessica Ross

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the Occupational Advisor for Material Technicians. It is a privilege for me to represent your trade and work alongside CWO McLeod. It is my intent to fiercely drive the issues affecting the trade and visit technicians to learn more about your profession and the challenges that you are facing. Just like the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Army are defining themselves for the future, the Material Technicians trade will require to adapt itself also. The new Adaptive Dispersed Operations doctrine and new technologies combined with the new equipment will continue creating many changes within our organization, specifically within The Corps of RCEME and hence your trade. Changes are not to be feared we only need to ensure that we adapt ourselves to new reality and proactively prepare ourselves for the upcoming ones. CWO McLeod and I will make every effort to keep all Material Technicians well informed of the Corps' direction and on the work that we do. We will also be there to understand your concerns and address them appropriately. Please contact us if you have any suggestions or questions. I appreciate the knowledge and experience that exists within the individuals in the trade, and look forward to learn and work for you.

Arte et Marte

OA Mat Tech, Maj J.Z. Ross

Assistant Occupation Advisor: CWO Jeffrey McLeod

As the Assistant Occupation Advisor (AOA) for the Materials Technician trade I would like to take this opportunity to express my enthusiasm towards this appointment. Firstly, I would like to thank the outgoing AOA, MWO Choquette for his dedication and outstanding work during his tenure as the AOA. I´m looking forward to working with all the members of our trade to meet todays and future challenges. Our trade and The Corps of RCEME are my first priority of work. I assure all of you, that the Occupational Advisor and The Corps of RCEME will be informed of any issues concerning our Materials Technicians trade. Please forward any concerns and issues to myself CWO Jeffrey McLeod and or Major Jessica Ross and we will deal with them. 

Arte et Marte
By skill and by fighting

Assistant Occupation Advisor: CWO J.W. McLeod

Deputy Assistant Occupation Advisor: MWO S.P Slominski

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