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D RCEME’s Reserve Craftsman Award

The Director RCEME Reserve Craftsman Award is presented annually to a deserving Reserve Craftsman of the Corps of RCEME. The award recognizes:

  • achievement or performance that is outstanding in nature and which has contributed significantly to any aspect of Corps of RCEME activities (may result from a unique occurrence); or
  • exemplary performance that is not adequately recognized by any other incentive awards.

The top Reserve RCEME Craftsman from among all the Reserve units across Canada will receive a cash award of $200 and a framed certificate.

Award Guidelines

Each region will establish a board that will select their Regional Award recipient. The senior Regional Representative in each region will be responsible to manage and advertise this program.

Upon completion of the regional boards, each region will forward their winner’s file to the SO RCEME’s office no later than 15 March 2018. A National Award Board will convene to decide the winner. It will be chaired by D RCEME and composed of COS RCEME, RCEME Corps SM, Colonel Commandant, and an OA/AOA representative from each occupation.

Nominations are to be submitted in the following format:

  • last name, given names, rank, occupation;
  • unit, present employment;
  • proposed citation (should include a description of the meritorious achievement);
  • narrative in support of the contribution to the RCEME Corps structured IAW the nomination criteria;
  • recommendation; and
  • concurrence/remarks of the Commanding Officer.

The nominations are not to exceed two pages and must be printed in Times New Roman font size 11.

Evaluation Criteria

Applicants will be recognized for their excellence IAW the criteria here.

The evaluation period will be from 1 April 17 – 31 March 18.

The nominee must be a Craftsman or Corporal (not MCpl) as per Ref A.