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Director RCEME Awards

The intent of the Director Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (D RCEME) Award Program is to foster esprit de corps and recognize outstanding efforts by members of the Corps of RCEME Community and RCEME affiliated Army Cadet Corps.

An annually established Board within each of the Regions will select their respective winners. It is the responsibility of the Senior Regional Representative (senior officer) in each Region to manage and advertise the Awards Program.

  • Atlantic Region including Royal Canadian Navy (East) – LCol McDowell;
  • Quebec Region – LCol Marsolais;
  • Central Region – LCol Heebner;
  • Western Region including Royal Canadian Navy (West) – LCol Rogers;
  • Training Systems – LCol Spitzig;
  • Royal Canadian Air Force – Maj Sura;
  • Northern Region & Operational Commands – LCol Olivier; and
  • NCR – LCol Wright.

You will find enclosed the Award guidelines and criteria to be used for this year’s Regional Award, National Cadet Award, Reserve Craftsman Award, and Retiree Award. Upon completion of the Regional Boards, each Region is to forward their respective winner’s file to the SO RCEME to enable the conduct of the National Award Board.

D RCEME’s Award Winners – 31 March 2018

National Winner – Cpl Heys

  • Regional winners:
    Atlantic Region including Royal Canadian Navy (East) – Mr. Frost;
    Quebec Region – Sgt Toupin;
    Central Region – Cpl Heys;
    Western Region including Royal Canadian Navy (West) – MCpl Lavoie;
    Training Systems – MCpl Dexter;
    Royal Canadian Air Force – Sgt Bryer;
    Northern Region & Operational Commands – Sgt Champagne; and
    NCR – Lt Cadieux-Langevin.

National Cadet Winner – CWO Nguyen (2947 RCACC Richmond BC)

National Cadet Runner up – MWO Beck (3036 RCEME RCACC)

Reserve Craftsman Winner – Cpl Siegrist (34 Svc Bn)

Retiree Winner – Mr. Glyn Nott